Key Points 

Open Source

bibliometrix is an open source software. Anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance the source code.

bibliometrix sources are published  on the official "Comprehensive R Archive Network" (CRAN) and on GitHub, the world's leading software development platform.

Science Mapping WorkFlow

bibliometrix supports a recommended workflow to perform science mapping analyses.

A Comprehensive Set of Functions

Analytics and Graphs for three different level metrics:

- Sources 

- Authors 

- Documents  

Three structures of Knowledge (K-structures)

- Conceptual Structure 

- Intellectual Structure 

- Social Strucutre

Easy to upgrade and integrate

bibliometrix is flexible and can be rapidly upgraded and integrated with other statistical R-packages. It is therefore useful in a constantly changing science such as bibliometrics.

Biblioshiny: bibliometrix for non-coders 

A new shiny app to use bibliometrix in a web-browser.

With biblioshiny, bibliometrix becomes easy for non-coders! 


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