What's new in
bibliometrix 3.0 

Added support for querying APIs

bibliometrix provides support for the APIs (application programming interfaces) of Dimensions, NCBI PubMed and Scopus, using functions from packages dimensionsR , pubmedR  and rscopus, respectively.

API Support will soon be extended to other sources such as Microsoft Academic and CrossRef.

Extended support for new file formats

Bibliometrix can import bibliographic database files and references manager files.

Bibliometrix 3.0 supports bibliographic database export files from Web of Science, Scopus, Dimensions, The Lens, PubMed and Cochrane Library.

Improvements in importing functions

In previous versions, to import a collection, it was necessary to use two functions: readFiles (to import the file in the R environment) and convert2df (to convert the imported file).

"Now, to import a collection just use the convert2df function that will take care of the whole process: import the files in R, read the correct format and convert them into a bibliographic data frame."

A Comprehensive Science Mapping WorkFlow

Summarization tools of the bibliographic collection

 - What 

- When  

- Who

- Where

Analytics and Graphs for three different level metrics:

- Sources 

- Authors 

- Documents  

Three structures of Knowledge (K-structures)

- Conceptual Structure 

- Intellectual Structure 

- Social Strucutre

Biblioshiny: bibliometrix for non-coders 

Biblioshiny, the web-app included in bibliometrix,  is increasingly complete and easy to use.

Since version 3.0, it is possible to use biblioshiny for gathering data directly using 'DS Dimensions' or 'NCBI PubMed' APIs.

Biblioshiny also imports and converts all supported export file formats just with few clicks. 


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