Why to donate to us

When we developed Bibliometrix, we didn't imagine its success. We are very proud of the increasing number of downloads and citations, but it also burdens us with responsibility.

Many existing features of Bibliometrix only became implemented because users requested them. Therefore, please, tell us what you think about Bibliometrix and especially what could be improved.

There are currently three post-graduate students working for free full-time for Bibliometrix. We believe Bibliometrix has huge potential and with it, a large amount of work lies ahead of us. We could easily use six or more full-time members in the development, research, and providing support to our users, and still, only reach half of what we envision for Bibliometrix.

Moreover, we have expenses for hardware and occasionally for support services. These expenses are paid by us.

As Bibliometrix is free and open-source, and we are not generating any income, we highly appreciate any financial support. We want to cover the expenses, mainly collaborators' transport, and basic living costs.

If you like Bibliometrix, we kindly ask you to donate since every donation greatly helps to ensure the future development of Bibliometrix. We will use every single donation to cover our expenses, and you can be sure that the more donations we receive the faster Bibliometrix will progress. Therefore, every single donation matters, however small or large in sum.

If you have the resources to fund developers or researchers, please do not hesitate to contact us for what we can do for you in return. In addition to expanding our team, if you are able to provide other valuable resources such as servers, advertisement, or something, please get in touch, too. In this case, please contact us by email!

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